A Metre Square
for Wildlife

Wildlife populations have declined by two thirds since 1970!

Seaford Town Councillor Jean Cash wants to raise awareness about this issue and to encourage people to get involved in helping to bring our wildlife back.

Jean has an idea and would like the residents of Seaford to get involved. She is asking for people to take 1 metre square of their garden or any space they can spare and make it friendly for wildlife. If you do this and your neighbour does it then their neighbour, soon we can be making wildlife corridors across Seaford.

We are hoping that together we can create stepping stones throughout the town so that insects, birds and other small animals can move around freely. We need to provide a range of different habitats with food sources, shelter, nesting opportunities and water.

If you would like to donate a space in your garden to wildlife, please add your address to our map. You will see this as a dot. If many people sign up we will be able to see the wildlife corridors forming on our map.

We know many people are already sharing their space with wildlife. If you are, please do add your space to the map so we can see the corridors forming.

Pledge your space!

‘A Metre Square for Wildlife’ is one of a number of projects Seaford Environmental Alliance are involved in to bring more nature to Seaford. Local verges and green spaces will be wilded and added to this map. If you’re interested to know more and get involved with rewilding locally, please get in touch

Visit our Biodiversity pages to find out more.

Plantlife.org.uk has produced excellent guides to help you identify wildflowers at different times of the year.

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Don't worry... we won't ask for any contact details or ever contact you - we just need your address and how much space you are sparing for wildlife!