A Greener Seaford

Community Climate & Eco Fair

1st August 2021 | 12 - 4pm

The Salts, Seaford

I've started cycling to school and it's really good FUN!

We really ENJOY helping to keep the beach clean!

You can't get any fresher than HOME GROWN salad!

I'm delighted everyone can now Refill their bottles at our 5 town waterpoints

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About the fair

We know how lucky we are to live in such a naturally beautiful place, but the world is changing all around us. The fair is an opportunity to come together and share a bold vision of the future - "A Greener Seaford".

Together we can explore the positive, practical and fun steps we can take to protect the natural world for future generations.

In partnership with:Seaford Town Council.

Organised by:Seaford Environmental Alliance.

What's at the fair

About Climate Change

Greenhouse gases, feedback loops, albedo effect, acidification... we'll use simple experiments to explain the science and how it effects our planet.

Expert Advice

Experts in all aspects of environment and ecology will be on hand to answer your questions and show you how we can all do something to protect the environment.

The waste Free picnic challenge

Use your imagination to bring along a picnic with as little waste as possible - food waste, packaging, food miles, carbon dioxide!

What's your change?

Find out what meaningful action you can take on and what impact our community can have when we work together.

"ON THE VERGE" - Connecting people & green spaces

Verges and urban green spaces – however small – can provide a vital food source for insects and birds in our town and the surrounding area.

Tent talks

Short, informative, inspirational talks on a wide range of incredible subjects. There will be something interesting for everyone.

Who's coming...

Get stuck in!

Hands on science

Practical experiments to explain the changing world around us.


A fun way to find answers to some of our most challenging questions.


Exploring the natural world by making, painting, printing to unleash your inner artist!


Telling stories and thinking about how we would like our future to be.

Who's involved

The waste Free picnic challenge

We have set ourselves a challenge of making our eco fair waste free; there will not be food stalls at the event so we are setting you a challenge to bring along a waste-free picnic.

Dig out your tupperware or character lunch box and flask and join us from 12 o’clock to picnic the way we used to. Cucumber sandwiches or bulgar wheat salad - the choice is yours!

For inspiration here are some examples of "packed lunches" from around the world.


The Salts Recreation Ground
Richmond Rd, Seaford BN25 1DR

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Disabled parking available in Richmond Road Car Park

Would you like to help at the fair?

SEA is completely run by volunteers who care for the environment.

If you would be willing to give us a hand at the fair please click the button below to get in touch.

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