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Climate conversations

24 June 2023 | by Helen Frederick

Article by Guy Gladstone, Seaford resident and member of the Climate Psychology Alliance. There have always been topics for which a sustained conversation has been difficult. Famously in 50s Britain it was “no sex please we’re British”. The 60s rather...

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February News 2023

12 February 2023 | by Helen Frederick

A highlight this month was the Little Green Cinema’s showing of ‘Chasing Coral’. Read Jess’ review which describes the wonder and devastation of the film and the stimulating discussion afterwards. We’re also proud to launch ‘The Even Littler Green Cinema’....

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Little Green Cinema review of the film ‘Chasing Coral’

12 February 2023 | by Helen Frederick

Article by Jess Brooks This month The Little Green Cinema opened its doors for the third time for a screening of the stunning and sobering film Chasing Coral. SEA volunteers provided an array of delicious home-baking which made up a...

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November News 2022

19 November 2022 | by Helen Frederick

This month has seen the COP27 international climate summit. The world leaders have failed to take meaningful action- for the 27th time.  But the voices of those on the front line of climate breakdown, suffering mass famine, flood, rising tides,...

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SEA Hub community marches for climate justice!

19 November 2022 | by Helen Frederick

Article by Jess Brooks. Saturday 12th November was a Global Day of Action to show solidarity with climate Justice groups at the COP 27 international climate summit, and Seaford Environmental Alliance were proud to have representatives at the London. Bristol...

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October 2022 News

19 October 2022 | by Helen Frederick

We’ve had a busy month packing down the Uniform Exchange until Easter and planning our winter activities- and not forgetting the opening night of The Little Green Cinema! . Our volunteers attended a couple of friendly sessions and we all...

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August 2022 News

22 August 2022 | by Helen Frederick

It’s been a while since our last newsletter- We’ve all been so busy at the Hub setting up the Uniform Exchange and hosting family art activities!  There’s loads to tell you about including upcoming water themed events in September and...

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Waste clothes

The Environmental Impact of Fashion

14 April 2022 | by Zoe Garrity

While clothing used to be something to ‘wear out’ and hand down, mend and alter, it is now part of a speeding cycle of changing fashions where we are encouraged to buy and discard clothes at an ever-increasing rate. We...

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Saving Energy – My Homemade Ceiling Clothes Airer

6 February 2022 | by Gemma McFarlane

In a Facebook conversation somebody recommended a ceiling clothes airer, saying they have never needed a tumble dryer. I liked this idea so my first port of call was Ebay and Facebook Marketplace for a used one. After months of...

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Sustainable wood

4 February 2022 | by Simon McFarlane

It’s often said that wood is one of the most sustainable materials. It’s natural, renewable and amazing for its ability to produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide. The thing is, our demand for timber is having a huge effect on...

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A runners Ode to Climate Change

1 November 2021 | by Darren Evans

Hello, my name is Darren and I’m a keen runner. I mainly run trails around Sussex. Whilst running around our beautiful surrounding areas, I realised how bad the litter problem is. In 2019 my wife Jane, my son Alfie and...

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Cycle parking is amazing!

26 August 2021 | by Simon McFarlane

That’s a bold statement. Well maybe, but it’s one of the simplest things which can be done to support people using bikes. There’s nothing more frustrating than having nowhere safe and accessible to leave your bike. I’ll often choose where...

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Cassidy’s Wildlife Pond

8 July 2021 | by Cassidy Mabey

I started off at the start of the Easter holidays and one of my mums friends, Gemma, who is an environmentalist, was hosting a project to donate 1 metre squared to wildlife. Then while visiting a local pond at our...

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Friends of Sutton Downs update

4 July 2021 | by Karen Hall

  June was a perfect month for outdoor meeting, generating ideas and networking as plans for the Growing Project at the Downs are gaining momentum and support. Lewes District Council agreed with the contractors to let the grass around the...

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A Waste-Free Community Climate & Eco Fair

23 June 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

In 2018, Earth Overshoot Day fell on 1st August. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. When we discussed partnering with...

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Miracles by Design – The eco-homes that pay their own mortgages

31 May 2021 | by Cllr James Meek

ECO homes in Newhaven. Last Thursday Gemma and I went with Dinah Morgan from Lewes Climate Hub to see the new ECO development in the heart of Newhaven. This comprises thirteen flats in two buildings in North Lane, beside where...

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How bad are bananas book cover.

Carbon footprints – can I really make a difference?

30 May 2021 | by Simon McFarlane

Much of our modern lives are disconnected from what goes on behind the scenes. In our houses many things happen like magic. Electricity comes out of wall sockets, water appears through pipes, waste disappears through other pipes, rubbish goes into...

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Neal, fishing line recycling point

Seaford fishing line recycling / swimmers project a huge success!

28 March 2021 | by Neal Richardson

Locally it started with a discarded fishing hook through a swimmer’s toe… and grew into a joint project involving STC, LDC (Coastal Management), Environment Agency, Newhaven Port, and different groups of beach users – anglers, swimmers, dog-walkers, concessionaires, local businesses...

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The Sea – By James Meek

22 February 2021 | by Cllr James Meek

The Sea, La Mer, Das Meer, no words contain The vastness of your boundless, deep domain. From pole to pole, all latitudes you reach, An endless ebb and flow foaming each beach. Millenia have watched your countless tides, Leviathans, moon-moved...

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Oat milk

Oat Milk Recipe

12 February 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

More people are now drinking plant-based milks whether it’s switching completely or swapping occasionally, either way we know this is better for the planet. We used to buy oat milk but hated throwing the Tetra Paks away and I question...

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Road verge in Seaford with wild flowers.

Spring into Renaturing Webinars

10 February 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

In February, The Lewes Climate Hub and Seaford Environmental Alliance held two rewilding webinars entitled Spring into Renaturing. We heard from people working on a range of projects from rewilding on a large scale to those telling us what we...

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A burnet moth.

A Small Space for Wildlife

7 February 2021 | by Dinah Pryor

Seaford features a wide range of residential accommodation with very different outdoor spaces. If you don’t have a large garden, there’s always something you can do for wildlife, even in a small paved area. Here are 10 simple things you...

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Salad Leaves

Salad Leaves

28 January 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

Each year we throw away 40% of bagged lettuce from our homes! Shipping lettuce to the UK from abroad can use 127 calories of fuel energy to ship 1 calorie of lettuce! We can grow salad leaves so easily for...

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Beeswax wraps.

Beeswax Wraps

14 December 2020 | by Dinah Pryor

These wraps are made with 100% pure beeswax and cotton. That means that the material is breathable and so the covered food should keep longer than in plastic. Beeswax is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal. However, they are not suitable...

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Floating candles

Floating Candles

14 December 2020 | by Dinah Pryor

Today we officially launched Seaford Environmental Alliance. It wasn’t the launch we envisaged because of Covid restrictions but we managed a stall in town and gave away our homemade gifts. Candles floating in a bowl of water are a beautiful...

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Moisturiser bar

Package Free Moisturiser Recipe

12 December 2020 | by Gemma McFarlane

Last Christmas my friend Gina made me a beautiful heart shaped moisturiser bar. I hadn’t seen this before and was surprised to find they are so easy to make. The moisturiser melts against your skin making it easy to use....

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Setting up a Sustainability Group at work – Climate Action Now!

7 December 2020 | by Becky Francomb

I have worked for the NHS for over thirty years and during that time have developed an increasing awareness of the climate and environmental crisis, and the way that health issues are impacted by the crisis. The NHS is the...

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Mermaid made from plastic rubbish.

BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement

6 December 2020 | by Warm Norm

BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement are the components of an environmental collective cooperative foundation formed for two separate,but totally entwined purposes….. BHASSEXPLORE was conceived by WarmNorm in the spring of 2020 and its its official birthday is the spring equinox in...

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Climate Assembly.

A response to the Climate Assembly UK survey

25 November 2020 | by Graham Lally

In June this year Climate Assembly UK brought together people from all walks of life to discuss how the UK can reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. At the assembly, participants learnt about climate change and how...

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Woman cycling.

Legs, wheels and co-wheels: My car free journey.

23 November 2020 | by Helen Frederick

As a teen I cycled everywhere, tearing up the roads to friends, to towns, to nightclubs. Two hands, one hand or none, I was at home in the saddle.  While friends begged parents for lifts, I loved my independence and...

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Refill container & bottle.

Refill Seaford and Newhaven expands!

22 November 2020 | by Christine Brett

Shoppers in Seaford and Newhaven are encouraged to say goodbye to pointless packaging as award-winning campaign Refill expands. The Refill campaign which has already saved 100 million pieces of plastic from our oceans expands, to become the world’s first dedicated...

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Why the CEE Bill is important for Seaford

22 November 2020 | by Cllr James Meek

Seaford is a seaside town. We have an esplanade which was built to shield the town from the sea after serious flooding, and in 1987 the beach was covered with a million tonnes of pebble to protect the sea wall....

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Saving water in the garden

22 November 2020 | by Gemma McFarlane

This year hasn’t been a good year for my vegetable plot. I haven’t been looking after my soil properly as I’ve been busy with other things and this year it showed. When I started planting at the beginning of the...

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Sustainable home improvements

22 November 2020 | by Brian Jones

We have asked local people to tell us about measures they have taken to make their home or life more sustainable. We hope to inspire others and answer questions that people have had about taking on similar projects. Brian Jones...

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Air source heat pump

Air source heat pump

22 November 2020 | by Gemma McFarlane

When we moved into our house 9 years ago it was a wreck, it had 1960’s decoration and needed everything updating. We had two very young children and moved into the house in November so fixing the heating was a...

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Penny and the e-bike

22 November 2020 | by Penny

I used to cycle everywhere.  Living in Brighton it was the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get around. I stopped cycling when I moved to Seaford.  My trusty bike, that I have owned since I was a student, would...

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The green roof I made

22 November 2020 | by Cllr James Meek

I had tiled the roof of my garage ages ago, but was having problems with leaks, so knew I was going to have to strip it all off to remedy the problem. When it came to it I thought it...

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Bike with Hub dynamo

Dynamo bike lights

22 November 2020 | by Simon McFarlane

There’s something very satisfying about generating your own electricity… With the winter fast approaching I found it really annoying having to make sure my lights were always charged. I just wanted to quickly grab my bike and go. When chaining...

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