Cassidy’s Wildlife Pond

8 July 2021  |  by Cassidy Mabey

I started off at the start of the Easter holidays and one of my mums friends, Gemma, who is an environmentalist, was hosting a project to donate 1 metre squared to wildlife.

Then while visiting a local pond at our park I thought I might have a go digging a pond. So later that day I came up with a plan to persuade my parents to dig one and it worked.

A few days later i invited a friend round to help me dig and for the next 10 days I spent 2 hours a day digging. Soon enough it was done.

Then we went online in search of a liner to stop the water from draining out. After that was complete we started filling it up over the course of three days.

After we asked around for some pond plants and to our surprise loads of people had some. We also were looking for frogspawn but we were too late. They had already grown into frogs so I will get some next year.

Recently I also bought 6 more pond plants to go in there.

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