Rewilding and Restoration in Sussex and Seaford

There is a movement today to Rewild areas of land to increase biodiversity. More than half of our species are in decline and 15% is threatened with extinction. Native woodlands cover a 2.5% of our land.

Conservation has worked hard for decades, with passion and dedication, to save wildlife. But the rewilding movement feels it’s time to move beyond saving certain species and patches of nature. Rewilding takes a big picture approach, aiming to restore the wider natural processes that support life (for example, grazing, flooding, natural woodland regeneration). It complements existing conservation work and those sectors seeking a better way forward for nature including regenerative farming, marine protection, low impact silviculture, nature tourism and so on.

Nature has the power to heal itself and to heal us, if we let it. That’s what rewilding is all about; restoring ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself, and restoring our relationship with the natural word.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust supports Rewilding.

You can volunteer your land to be ‘Wilder’ by contacting their Wilder Landscapes Advisor, or their Wildlife Advice Line –

Here are some examples of what people are doing about Rewilding in Sussex:

Visit the Knepp Estate and experience Rewilding  in Sussex on one of their safaris.

Rewilding Sussex:

Rewilding the UK:

Restoring nature is critical to reversing the loss of biodiversity. Ecosystems don’t need to be lost forever. It’s possible to restore them by planting trees, shrubs, wildflower meadows, and reintroducing lost animals. The seas and sea bed has been exploited for decades and these too can be ‘rewilded’. The charity, Rewilding Britain, has helpful information about marine and other rewilding projects.

There are many organisations that are campaigning to increase biodiversity and to build back greener after the pandemic. By joining these organisations or signing their petitions, you can help improve biodiversity.

Friends of the Earth (FOE):

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE):

Sussex Local Nature Partnership:

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