Seaford Head Nature Reserve and other Nature Reserves

We are blessed with a remarkable nature reserve on the eastern edge of Seaford.  The Seaford Head Local Nature Reserve is home to many nationally rare and significant species of birds, plants and insects. Fifty percent of the reserve is owned by Seaford Town Council and managed by The Sussex WildlifeTrust.

Recently Seaford Head Nature Reserve celebrated its 50th birthday:

Seaford Natural History Society

Seaford Natural History Society

Seaford Natural History Society holds many of their guided walks on the nature reserve. You can discover so much about local biodiversity by joining them. Wildlife recording has been an integral part of the Society’s activities since the earliest days. In the last few years the Society has been making renewed efforts to encourage members to note and record species that they see, with the Society itself submitting a list of notable sightings to the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre each year. These include plants, butterflies, moths and reptiles.

Seaford Head Graeme and Glenn Surveyin g©Sam RobertsSussex Wildlife Trust

Seaford Head Graeme and Glenn Surveying © Sam Roberts - Sussex Wildlife Trust

The Seaford Community Wildlife Project

The Seaford Community Wildlife Project focuses on establishing links between the Seaford Community and the nature reserve at Seaford Head. The project offers a range of activities, including family events and species surveys, looking at a variety of wildlife from sea anemones to butterflies. There is a host of opportunities for the community to learn skills, volunteer and experience nature through beach sessions, practical conservation and wildlife habitat improvements in school grounds and in the town.

More about the project:

Brick fields.

Old Brickfield Site

Originally this was a tidal inlet when the Seaford and Newhaven coastline was very different. It got its name from the clay that was dug for brick making, although there is little evidence of the brickworks left. However, although small, this sunken area now contains a number of rare national habitats and species, including vegetated shingle and remnant salt marsh.

This Nature reserve is managed by Lewes District Council and the Friends of the Old Brickfields. The Friends group has a Facebook Page where you can keep up to date with activities.

The Management Plan with more details of biodiversity on the site:


Lower Ouse Nature Reserve

This reserve is situated on the west side of Seaford and extends up the Ouse valley. It was created to conserve wildlife and provide flood management when a new business park and road were built.

It is home to a wide variety of birds, insects, plants and amphibians including the internationally protected Great Crested Newt.

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