What is Biodiversity and why does it matter in Seaford?

Biodiversity matters because without it, the world would cease to exist as we know it and we would not survive. Technically it’s the scientific measure for the range of species, habitats and ecosystems across the planet. Essential for humans and wildlife, it’s responsible for the food we eat and the air we breathe. On a local level we depend on it for protection from threats like pollution and flooding and on a global scale it can prevent climate breakdown.

We are currently facing a Climate and Ecological Emergency, a declaration made by governments across the world. The British Parliament declared a State of Emergency in 2019 and recently Seaford Town Council declared one too.  Biodiversity and the Climate are intricately linked and we cannot tackle one without the other. Natural ecosystems suck up 60% of our carbon emissions, and nature-based solutions, like planting trees, nurturing soils, and restoring ecosystems, can provide over a third of the climate solutions needed until 2030.

In Seaford the Seaford Natural History Society records the plants and animals in the area. Individual species matter because they play a part in the web of life. These records go to the Sussex Biodiversity Records Office. It is this information that is used to build up a picture of the state of biodiversity at a global level too.

A Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services was published last year and it has alarming findings:

The state of biodiversity is assessed regularly at local, national and international levels. Find out more about our local biodiversity through the Sussex Biodiversity Records Office:

The National Biodiversity Network is a collaborative partnership created to collect and exchange information on a national level.  Find out about the state of nature in the UK.

The Convention on Biological Diversity is one of the organisations working on an international scale. Find out about and the AICHI targets:

There is more information on why we need to conserve Biodiversity on the following websites:

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