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Waste clothes

The Environmental Impact of Fashion

14 April 2022 | by Zoe Garrity

While clothing used to be something to ‘wear out’ and hand down, mend and alter, it is now part of a speeding cycle of changing fashions where we are encouraged to buy and discard clothes at an ever-increasing rate. We...

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Sustainable wood

4 February 2022 | by Simon McFarlane

It’s often said that wood is one of the most sustainable materials. It’s natural, renewable and amazing for its ability to produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide. The thing is, our demand for timber is having a huge effect on...

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A Waste-Free Community Climate & Eco Fair

23 June 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

In 2018, Earth Overshoot Day fell on 1st August. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. When we discussed partnering with...

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Neal, fishing line recycling point

Seaford fishing line recycling / swimmers project a huge success!

28 March 2021 | by Neal Richardson

Locally it started with a discarded fishing hook through a swimmer’s toe… and grew into a joint project involving STC, LDC (Coastal Management), Environment Agency, Newhaven Port, and different groups of beach users – anglers, swimmers, dog-walkers, concessionaires, local businesses...

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Salad Leaves

Salad Leaves

28 January 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

Each year we throw away 40% of bagged lettuce from our homes! Shipping lettuce to the UK from abroad can use 127 calories of fuel energy to ship 1 calorie of lettuce! We can grow salad leaves so easily for...

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Mermaid made from plastic rubbish.

BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement

6 December 2020 | by Warm Norm

BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement are the components of an environmental collective cooperative foundation formed for two separate,but totally entwined purposes….. BHASSEXPLORE was conceived by WarmNorm in the spring of 2020 and its its official birthday is the spring equinox in...

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Refill container & bottle.

Refill Seaford and Newhaven expands!

22 November 2020 | by Christine Brett

Shoppers in Seaford and Newhaven are encouraged to say goodbye to pointless packaging as award-winning campaign Refill expands. The Refill campaign which has already saved 100 million pieces of plastic from our oceans expands, to become the world’s first dedicated...

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