SEA Hub community marches for climate justice!

19 November 2022  |  by Helen Frederick

Article by Jess Brooks.

Saturday 12th November was a Global Day of Action to show solidarity with climate Justice groups at the COP 27 international climate summit, and Seaford Environmental Alliance were proud to have representatives at the London. Bristol and Brighton events.

We had a good showing in Brighton where a couple of hundred gathered at the front of Churchill Square at 12pm.  There, a handful of people slowly grew into a crowd as people from across Sussex travelled to meet outside the shopping centre.  There was a wonderful mix of people, spanning the generations.  Aside those of us from our own Hub, there were seasoned activists from Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, through to people who had never marched or protested before, but who had decided it was time to just turn up.

Our action started with an inspiring display of democracy, as we used the format of a People’s Assembly to decide our action.  Where would we protest and how?  Would we swarm businesses complicit with our crisis?  Or would we march together through the streets of the town?

After taking in the opinions and wishes of the crowd, our march route was decided and the drums started to beat, enlivening our slow walk down North Street and bringing rhythm to our procession.  A SEA Hub banner led the march, along with Just Stop Oil, and a baby’s pushchair adorned with a giant paper wind turbine.  Bright signs and flags, and cardboard on sticks with hastily written words, all uniting to display our messages to our leaders and our fellow citizens.

‘Wake Up!’    ‘Crime of the Century’    ‘People before Profit’     ‘Sea Levels Rising . . . Time Running Out’    ‘Climate Justice Now’

Chants filled the air and the drummers brought music along with us as we took a circuitous route down to Brighton Pier, from where we continued along the seafront, shedding jackets in the unseasonably warm November weather.  Our hearts broke as some of the youngest members of our crowd took to the front, their child voices ringing out, “No More Gas, No More Oil, Keep the Carbon in the Soil”.  But, from those who should be too young to know, what a powerful sight!  And what a powerful message!


We marched, and we chanted; past the i360 and the old pier, past the bandstand, all the way to The Angel of Peace.  The afternoon grew colder as we sat by The Angel listening to speeches and talking amongst ourselves, taking comfort in our thermoses of tea and some well-earned lunch, while enjoying the warm glow that comes from uniting to make ourselves heard in this most important of causes.

Big Thanks to All who turned out!

Thanks to the organisers, who have given an open call for people to gather for Actions and People’s Assemblies at Churchill Square at 12pm every Saturday.   All are welcome!


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