Beeswax Wraps

14 December 2020  |  by Dinah Pryor

These wraps are made with 100% pure beeswax and cotton. That means that the material is breathable and so the covered food should keep longer than in plastic. Beeswax is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal. However, they are not suitable for storing meat or strong cheeses.

Although the wraps are stiff when cold, if you mould them in your hand they become more pliable.  To clean they can simply be run under lukewarm water.

You will need: 

Cotton material (e.g. an old washed sheet or other used and washed cotton material)
Pinking shears
100% beeswax pellets
A baking tray
Parchment paper
Paper towels
Washing line

What you do:

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