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Friends of Sutton Downs update

4 July 2021 | by Karen Hall

  June was a perfect month for outdoor meeting, generating ideas and networking as plans for the Growing Project at the Downs are gaining momentum and support. Lewes District Council agreed with the contractors to let the grass around the...

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Oat milk

Oat Milk Recipe

12 February 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

More people are now drinking plant-based milks whether it’s switching completely or swapping occasionally, either way we know this is better for the planet. We used to buy oat milk but hated throwing the Tetra Paks away and I question...

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Salad Leaves

Salad Leaves

28 January 2021 | by Gemma McFarlane

Each year we throw away 40% of bagged lettuce from our homes! Shipping lettuce to the UK from abroad can use 127 calories of fuel energy to ship 1 calorie of lettuce! We can grow salad leaves so easily for...

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