Connecting people and green spaces

A project to connect people and green spaces to create wildlife pathways throughout Seaford.

Verges and urban green spaces – however small – can provide a vital food source for insects and birds in our town and the surrounding area. Seaford On the Verge is a group, connecting people who will work together to take practical steps to improve wildlife habitats that are under threat and increase awareness of Climate Change.

Our wildlife is in trouble. Read more here about the state of nature in the UK.

If you would like to get in touch please email: ontheverge@seafuture.org

Wildlife verge

“Seaford On The Verge” aims to:

  • Increase hedgerows
  • Increase habitats for flowering plants and pollinators
  • Increase tree planting with Trees for Seaford

Biodiversity and Climate change are closely interlinked. Natural ecosystems absorb more carbon emissions so planting more trees and hedgerows and restoring ecosystems is one important solution to the climate emergency.

Blatchington Pond.

Seaford On the Verge is a community interest company, that works in partnership between the Seaford CARES National Lottery Bid, Seaford Environmental Alliance and Trees for Seaford.

The Lottery project if successful, will mean up to £2.5m in funding for climate change projects in our region – a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference.

‘Seaford On the Verge’ is one of a number of projects Seaford Environmental Alliance are involved in to bring more nature to Seaford. Find out more about attracting wildlife to your garden with the “Metre Square for wildlife” project and more about Community Food Growing here.