Connecting people and green spaces

Get involved!

Join our friendly and supportive monthly meetings to find out more, share your ideas, and get involved in practical projects. These meetings are currently on Zoom.

Recent discussions include designing signs, organising roadshows with local residents, creating mini meadows in the town and discussing how to prepare for the Seaford Climate Action Day on 1st August.

Be an ambassador in your street

Wildlife needs wilder verges. This doesn’t mean the verges will be neglected, they will just be cared for differently.

We’re working with our local authorities to manage cutting regimes for wildflowers. But we need your help to explain to your neighbours why this is so important. We need all the “on the Verge” ambassadors we can get!

www.plantlife.org.uk – How to get ten times more bees.

Fill your street with trees

Your road might be suitable for tree planting – our partner group, Trees for Seaford, works with residents to plant trees.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Get involved with other climate change lottery bid projects in Seaford

A new nature reserve in the Ouse Valley, walking and cycling routes, local green spaces and a new seafront community garden – these are some of the projects in the Seaford CARES National Lottery Bid.

Share your stories

Can you share any stories you have about projects which have improved diversity in your area? Have you spotted flowers in your verges, or even at the edge of pavements? We would love to see any photographs of our green spaces of all sizes, and the wildlife you have spotted there.

Plantlife.org.uk has produced excellent guides to help you identify wildflowers at different times of the year.

You can get in touch via the SEA facebook page or contact us via this website.