We take the items below and  pass them on to charities, local businesses, recycle them or use them in our projects. Let’s reduce waste and support our community at the same time!

Please drop donations to the SEA Climate Hub on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 10am to 1pm. Thank you.


Medicine blister packs, cheese wrappers and chocolate wrappers

We take: Any clean and empty blister pack, plastic cheese wrappers and chocolate bar wrappers and sweetie bags.

They’ll go to: Terracycle for recycling into new products.

Craft materials

We take: Any crafting materials including yarn, fabric, coloured paper, beads and other pretty things!

They’ll go to: Our craftivism group

Empty pens

We take: Pens, mechanical pencils and refills, felt tips, markers, highlighters, correction fluid bottles. We do not collect pencils.

They’ll go to: Terracycle, who will recycle them into new materials.

Packing materials

We take:  Bubble wrap, padded envelopes, large cardboard envelopes, packing tape.  set of strings.

They’ll go to: Small business in Seaford to help them reduce their environmental impact


Unrepairable inflatables

We take:  Rubber rings, dinghies, lilos, armbands that cannot be repaired.

They’ll go to:  The Re-Inflatables, a local business making useful and beautiful bags and other items – preventing the need to manufacture new materials, and reducing toxic plastic waste.

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