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As the cost of living and climate crises deepen, access to affordable, healthy food is under threat. But we can build connections in our community to increase our food security and wellbeing, by developing our skills and sharing our seeds and produce.

Whether you would like support to start growing your own at home, or are a seasoned grower wanting to share seeds, plants and skills, let’s join together. There are lots of ways to get involved…

Want to start growing?

  1. Sign up to the Seeds to Supper club and pop into the hub to collect veg and herb seeds, seedlings and pots- everything you need to get started.  
  2. Get ongoing support throughout the growing season. 
  3. Share your progress
  4. Eat!

Don’t have a garden? No problem! We can provide tubs for patios or windowsills, or maybe there’s someone who can share their garden with you. 

Sign up here and pop into the Climate Hub to get your starter kit. 


Already growing?

  • Want to share seedlings, seeds, equipment or growing space?
  • Can you volunteer at the Climate Hub  to advise and support new growers?
  • Or maybe be a founding member of the Seaford Seed Bank by saving your own seeds this year!

Sign up here and pop into the Climate Hub to have a chat. 

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