In June 2019 the UK government passed a law to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050. In 2016 transport became the largest emitting sector of Green House Gases in the UK. This follows large decreases in energy emissions while transport emissions have remained relatively static. That’s 28% of our total emissions!

For many of us our day revolves around transport. Work, school, leisure… and then there’s the moving of goods. It’s a large part of our environmental problems which will require ambitious and decisive changes.

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Walking and Cycling (active travel)

We all know the heath benefits of walking and cycling yet still 60% of 1-2 mile journeys are made by motor vehicle. Fewer than 2% of all journeys are made by bike. It’s a change that many of us can give go, at the same time freeing up space on our roads for when we need to drive.

There are lots of reasons to make this change, but once you do you’ll wish you’d always done it!

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Bishopstone Train Station

Public Transport

One of the most efficient ways to move a large number of people is by public transport. It’s also much easier to make a fleet of trains or buses carbon neutral rather than every car on the road.

The problem with public transport is that it’s seen to be expensive and unreliable. If you take into account time spent in traffic jams, air pollution, cost of car ownership, parking and climate change it isn’t as straightforward as it would seem.

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Air travel

Could you give up flying? It’s a difficult decision for many people. The recent increase in budget airlines has made flying often cheaper than taking the train or ferry. At the moment the decision is more a question of ethics than economics. It is becoming clear that unnecessary flying will become more difficult to justify.

This doesn’t mean returning to the stone-age though. Travel used to be an adventure. The journey used to be part of the experience. This leaves more room in our collective carbon footprint for so-called “love miles”, flying to see family who live abroad.

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