Cycle parking is amazing!

26 August 2021  |  by Simon McFarlane

That’s a bold statement. Well maybe, but it’s one of the simplest things which can be done to support people using bikes. There’s nothing more frustrating than having nowhere safe and accessible to leave your bike. I’ll often choose where I shop or decide to go based on whether I can leave safely leave my bike or not.

Graphic showing the benefits of cycle parking.

According to government statistics over 60% of car journeys are with a single occupant, so most of the cars in a car park would be for a single person.

Graphic showing road space.


Some other great reasons to try cycling…

Carbon footprint

The below pie chart shows how the average carbon footprint in the UK is derived. 14% is from cars. 4% is from public transport (whether you use it or not) and 0% is from walking & cycling.

Pie chart showing average UK carbon footprint per person.

Supporting change

According to the Climate Change Committee getting to Net Zero will require 59% behavioural and societal change. This means not simply technological changes. Everyone will  need to change their habits and people will need support to do this.

There will be a move to electric cars but this alone won’t be enough to curb our carbon emissions at the rate necessary. You will still be able to buy a new petrol or diesel car for another 10 years. The rate of change needed is great and the transport sector is central to this, as highlighted in the government’s “Gear Change” policy.

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