Walking & Cycling (active travel)

The recommendation from the chief medical officers in the UK is that all adults should aim to be active daily.

Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 minutes (2½ hours) of moderate intensity activity in bouts of ten minutes or more. Over a quarter of adults in England report having less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week.

Rather than going to the gym or finding the time for exercise,  walking or cycling can allow you to get your recommended exercise whist lowering your carbon footprint.

Journey planner

Cycling Journey Planner

On the Cycling UK website you can plan your journey by bike. You can choose from quietest, balanced or fastest route. Find out how many calories you will burn, the elevation (how many hills!) and most importantly how much CO² you will avoid.

Maybe just try replacing a trip to the newsagents, to school or the park. Once you get used to it cycling can often be more convenient.

Visit the journey planner

NCN - route 2

The National Cycle Network

The National Cycle Network is a UK-wide network of signed paths and routes for walking, cycling, wheeling and exploring outdoors maintained by Sustrans. In Seaford we are lucky to be right on the NCN Route 2. This runs 378 miles from Dover to St Austell in Cornwall!

Obviously you don’t have to travel that far… Newhaven is a nice flat ride through the beautiful Ouse Esturary Trail. Spot some rabbits, hear a Cuckoo or a watch a Sparrow Hawk hover overhead. Things you miss when in the car.

See the NCN2 on a OS Map 

Electric bikes

In the last few years the e-bike has finally reached the mainstream. Battery and motor technology has made them a perfectly practical option. Obviously there is a cost implication and they are not as environmentally friendly but compared to an electric car they use 10-20x less energy.

Research has shown than e-bike owners actually travel further on their bikes. You may think it’s cheating but research has shown you can get as much exercise as on a regular bike.

Some benefits of an e-bike:

  • Arriving at work without breaking a sweat (even when there’s a coastal head-wind).
  • Carrying larger loads or your family with an e-cargo bike.
  • Enabling people who would struggle to ride a regular bike to get exercise. Some doctors are actually perscribing cycling now.
  • Hills are no longer a reason not to ride!

Living Streets

A generation ago 70% of children walked to school, now it’s less than half. Less air pollution, no carbon emissions and improved health – the benefits are many.

Living Streets are a charity focused on whose mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more. They campaign for better provision for walking and changes to regulations to change the status quo in our car centered towns.

More about living streets

Seaford Bay Exercise Path

Developed by Seaford Community Partnership this 5 mile exercise path runs along Seaford Bay.

The exercise path starts and finishes at Splash Point at the eastern end of the sea front, beyond the Martello Tower, although it can be joined from any part of the seafront or at the car park at Tidemills on the A259 near Bishopstone. Bishopstone railway station is close by as are Brighton & Hove Buses running from Brighton, Seaford and Eastbourne again along the A259.

Follow the trail

15 minute communities

Our modern lives are built around travelling. Commuting to work, out of town shopping, holidays. Everything is done in a rush. Modern life is so hectic.

The idea of a 15 minute community is rebuilding what we used to have. Local shops, local jobs and stronger communities. Walking and cycling are central to the idea. Being able to get around without the need for a car for every journey. Active travel means you encounter more people, building the sense on community.

We need to lower our collective carbon footprint, but it doesn’t need to be a step backwards. We can embrace some of the positives of the past whilst looking to the future. The video below should help.

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