Saving Energy – My Homemade Ceiling Clothes Airer

6 February 2022  |  by Gemma McFarlane

In a Facebook conversation somebody recommended a ceiling clothes airer, saying they have never needed a tumble dryer. I liked this idea so my first port of call was Ebay and Facebook Marketplace for a used one. After months of searching for the right thing, we made one and it works really well!

Our bedroom is south facing and gets really hot on a sunny day. The washing wasn’t drying properly outside on a sunny winters day and it seemed a shame to waste this resource so we decided to make another airer for the bedroom. People may think this is strange but I’m forever practical!

We bought:

6 x 2.4 metres thick wooden dowel
2 x 1.8 metre lengths of wood – 2cm x 4cm
1 x metal single washing line screw in pulley cord wheel – 45mm
1 x metal double washing line screw in pulley cord wheel – 45mm
10 metres 7mm cotton rope
1 large cleat
20 x 20mm screws

You will need an electric drill with a flat drill bit the same diameter as your dowel. Ours was 20mm.
a stud detector ( ask friends and neighbours if they have one to borrow).



A few more energy saving tips:

As well as saving energy to help our environment, we are faced with our energy bills rising sharply over the last few months and they’re set to continue after the price cap has been increased by 54%. This article from the Money Saving Expert explains why this is happening.

We can’t do much about the price increase but we can cut our energy usage in the home.

  1. Wear more layers – this may seem obvious. Thick socks or slippers keeping your feet warm helps your whole body to feel warmer. Wearing a hat is even better!
  2. Close your curtains! We can lose up to 40% heat through our doors and windows. Closing curtains as the light fades will help keep the heat in the room. Remember to tuck curtains behind any radiators. Curtains over external doorways help too and dare I say – net curtains create an air space which keeps the heat in the room!
    Secondhand curtains can always be found in charity shops, Freegle or websites such as Ebay. Remember to open curtains when it’s sunny to help heat up the room.Closing curtains on a hot day also keeps the room cooler, saving on the need for electric fans or air conditioning units.
  3. Turn off lights when not in use including external lights. Light pollution can disturb night time wildlife too so turning off lights and closing curtains benefits more than just our pocket. Natural History Museum article about light pollution and wildlife.
  4. Put thermostats on radiators and turn off radiators to unused rooms.
  5. Consider investing in insulation. Check for grants available to help. Insulation also cuts down on draughts making the house feel cosier.
  6. Turn off appliances at the plug. This really does save money!
  7. Plan meals so you can cook things together if using an oven.


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