Connecting people and green spaces

Tidemill Treasures

If you’ve been looking out for wild flowers this year, you may have noticed there are quite different range of plants on the seafront between the Sailing club, and the arm at Newhaven. This area of Tidemills is a very...

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Hedgerow Harvest – Blackberry season

Hedgerows are extremely important for wildlife and the environment. They support a huge range of wildlife as shelter and food and we can benefit too from these plants at this time of the year. Blackberries must be high on the...

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Marvellous Martello fields – see you there!

The Martello fields are a valuable green space near the sea front towards Splash Point. A great place for events from fairs, boot fairs, charity days and sporting events. It’s also an informal space for dog walking, family picnics, meet...

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A garden too tiny?

Can a front garden be too tiny to make a difference? Phoebe Stone’s garden certainly isn’t. Thanks so much to an “On the Verge” member for sharing this! A garden could hardly be more limited than these shared front railings...

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Grasshopper heaven at Southdown corner

Have you visited the corner of Southdown road and Chyngton road lately? This corner of the adjacent golf course, has been managed by the groundsmen to leave the grass left longer in large swathes. This means that wild flowers can...

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Wild Grasses are wild flowers – Part 2

Native wild grasses are all around us. En masse they form important distinct ecosystems. Often overlooked, grasslands are found all over the world, the foundation for modern life as we know it. Wild Grasses (Poaceae/Gramineae family Wild grasses are wild...

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Big Butterfly counting

Have you been doing the Big Butterfly Count for Butterfly Conservation? This is a UK-wide survey aimed at helping assess the health of our environment simply by counting the amount and type of butterflies (and some day-flying moths) On Wednesday...

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Wild Grasses are wild flowers! Part 1

Grasses and lawns.   What are they and do we need them? Grasses are very important.   Not the lawn grass which is effectively a variety of wild grasses, bred to be hardy, resistant to wear and tear and the infiltration of...

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On the Verge update published in Seaford Scene, July 2021

On the Verge of what? As you may have heard, Seaford Community partnership has been awarded project development funds from the National Lottery, towards the Ouse Valley Cares project. One of the key aims of the project is “protecting and...

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Beautiful Buglife in the Salts!

Thanks so much to Alice from Buglife, who came over to Seaford to talk to us about pollinating insects, and how to survey for them. Buglife is a conservation charity, working in the UK with a current focus on pollinators,...

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Chyngton Methodist’s Wildlife Friendly Garden

The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, One’s nearer God’s heart in a garden, than anywhere else on Earth. This little poem came to mind as we were shown around the wonderful wildlife...

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Embrace Your Weeds

Want to see more of these Butterflies and Moths in your garden? Then embrace your weeds Many of you may wonder what you can do to have a more wildlife friendly garden, especially to encourage more moths and butterflies. Gardens...

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Ivy leaved toadflax

Seaford Plantlife Spring hunt..

Has anyone else been doing the Plantlife, Great British Wild Flower hunt? It’s a great way to learn to identify more flowers, and you can download a spotting sheet, or use an app on your phone. I think my favourite...

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New hedgerow planting near Bishopstone

Hedgerow Highways

Did you know that next week (29 May – 6 June) is the very first National Hedgerow Week? You can find out more on the Tree Council website here Hedgerows are a vital part of our countryside, with practical uses...

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Return of the Sea Meadow

Local councillor Jean Cash has lived in Seaford for many years, and her mother used to play in the Martello Fields as a child, when it was known as the “Sea Meadows”! These days the fields are well used for...

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Sparrows in the Salts

I took a walk round the Salts the other evening and was amazing to see how many birds were congregating and feeding along the perimeter fence. The area between the railway line and this recreation field, is already a wonderful...

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Spotted on the Verge in March

What did you spot in the verges in March? The first wild flower I noticed was the sweet violets. I spotted the first ones in the verge of Fitzgerald Avenue, and soon they were popping up everywhere including by the...

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Bug box

Brilliant Bug Boxes

Our “On the Verge” partnership is supporting the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s campaign for a “Wilder Sussex” and encourages us all to make the most of our gardens and outdoor spaces, and to work with our neighbours to create wildlife habitats...

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Bumble bee

A light hearted guide to lawns by St Francis

Heather sent us this funny clipping (author unknown), which she spotted in a Norfolk magazine. She hoped it would inspire readers to give some thought to their boring, time consuming lawns! We love this too! Heather has violets, eggs and...

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Violets by Mon Darnbrough

What have you seen in your verges recently? Many thanks to Mon, who tells a bit more about the violets you can spot in many of the verges in Seaford right now!

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