Connecting people and green spaces

2023 Review of the year – Working in partnership


This year we have joined forces with other groups such as Seaford Natural History Society, Greenhavens and Seaford Environmental Alliance to run (and subsidise if necessary) some fantastic educational events. This included an outstanding talk from young botanist Leif Bersweden who has since appeared on Springwatch. Well over 100 people attended the event, and many signed up with “pledges” to improve their gardens for wildlife.

We also co-organised a wildlife gardening event with Seaford Environmental Alliance in the Hub, where many groups and individuals came together to learn more, and participate in various workshops. Subsequently we encouraged people to spot “ScareMows” that had been hidden round the town to raise awareness of the reasons for leaving grass longer at least in May.

Funds have paid for plants and seeds to give away. For example we gave away a lot of yellow rattle seeds in the Autumn of 2022 with instructions on how to sow them, ready for improving meadows in the Spring. This year we gave away plants at the wildlife gardening event and more yellow rattle, wildflower seeds and edible seeds at the Harfest event.

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