Connecting people and green spaces

2023 Review of the year – Working with councils


We work with the council and other organisations to agree the best way to manage green spaces for both wildlife and the people that use them. We have previously agreed mowing regimes with council managers and/or contractors. For example certain areas of the Martello Fields, the Salts and the Crouch are left unmowed for the Summer. We try and support the council by providing positive publicity about the increase in biodiversity and the reasons we need it.

Fields in College Road (known as the Covers) have flourished after being left unmowed in the Summer, and we have noticed more people using the fields. Dog walkers appreciate the mowed paths, and children have enjoyed playing in the long grass and flowers. At a workshop here by Buglife, we found good populations of insects, and Buglife made some recommendations about adding nectar and habitat for insects which have now been approved by the town council.

When ESCC initiated a pilot project for residents to help “weed” their streets to avoid spraying of glyphosate, we encouraged our members to get involved, and are currently supporting people to get specific verges managed as wildlife verges.

This year the wild “verges” have become a controversial and emotive issue, and we are working with the councils long term for a better solution for people and wildlife. Find out more about verges on the Renaturing Seaford website here

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