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A new urban wildflower meadow.. and community!


A year ago, the idea was born to transform our bland front lawn into a wildflower meadow. We liked the thought of some colour and a place for bees and bugs.

In March, we bought wildflower seed packs in the local supermarket to get things started. On a sunny day in April then we dug up parts of the lawn in a crescent shape.

We then spread seeds in the crescent we had created. While doing this, our neighbours got interested what we were up to. We just recently moved to the area and in the end, the complete neighbourhood managed to pop by for a chat while we were digging and sowing.

We waited for the seeds to sprout.

In addition to the crescent full of wildflower seeds, we didn’t mow parts of the lawn and it didn’t take long for all kinds of grasses and plants to pop up in there too. To make sure it looked tidy and looked after, we continued cutting the lawn around the meadow and the crescent.

When the grass started growing and the flowers popped up, we had so many positive comments which was lovely. To be honest, we had not been sure that the neighbours would like it as they seemed passionate about cutting their lawns.

We were amazed how many interesting grasses there were without having done anything (apart from stopping to mow) to the meadow.

In late September, we cut the long grass ready for winter. We realised we didn’t quite have the right equipment to cut the long grass even though one of our neighbours brought a scythe he hadn’t used for 20+ years! However, the cutting of the long grass turned into a happening in the close and again brought neighbours together.

So overall our first year as wildflower gardeners went really well and for 2022, we have added seeds and some bluebells to the meadow.

I am also pleased to report that the wildflower idea is getting popular in the close with two of our neighbours preparing their wildflower patch for 2022.

If you are thinking of having your own wildflower meadow, give it a go. It’s good for bees, the soul and bonding with the community.

For 2022, we are looking forward to more bees, bugs, colour and wildflower nattering.

Daniela Carl

Thanks so much Daniela, what a fantastic meadow, and lovely story about how renaturing our town can bring people together.

At “On the Verge” we really want more people to let their lawn grow longer this year, so we want to share more of your meadow growing stories. Please send them to jdypepper@yahoo.co.uk

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