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Big Garden Birdwatch


Are you going to be watching the birds at the weekend? The Big Garden Birdwatch is one of the biggest Citizen Science projects in the UK and last year more than a million people took part.

The results helps the RSPB track which birds are in decline, or increasing in numbers, and to guide conservation work.

If you have a garden, it’s a great way to spend an hour, looking out and counting the birds that you on a day between Friday 28th and Sunday 30th January.

You need to count the most birds seen at any one time in the garden. So if four fly in then out again, and three come back, you would count it as four.

I often find that I get different birds in my garden at this time of year, as birds look further afield for food. Some birds like Redwings and Fieldfares migrate here over Winter from Russia and Scandinavia. Sometimes the only time I see a thrush on my berry bush, is when I’m doing my count.

One year I even had a Blackcap coming in, and another year a Black Redstart (which can sometimes be seen in Winter near Splash Point). We would love to know what you have spotted.

Black Redstart at Splash Point


If you don’t have a garden, or want a change of scenery you can instead do the bird count in a park or green space. If you do this in Seaford, do let us know what you’ve seen, so we can add it to our data mapping project.

Check out more information on the RSPB site. You can even take a quiz to find out what sort of bird are you? Apparently I’m a blackbird. Lovely birds, I’m happy with that!

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