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Cheering Crocuses – bee ready


Nothing illustrates the value of ‘right plant in the right place ‘ better than Crocus.

If we don’t pay attention we see too little of it. In Firle Rd where the road level drops between banks within the old village area, the west facing bank has been planted with yellow crocus.

Yellow Crocus


Not only has it evaded being noticed by a squirrel, and is showing well in the short grass which is likely to be thinner on a bank, it is perfectly placed for the cups to be opened by the sunlight ready for a queen bumblebee to feed inside its warmth.

Just when we wish to be cheered by the orange stigmas or the golden throats of some mauve crocuses, on a grey day they are likely to remain tightly closed. The extra warmth of the slope facing the sun is increased by its position in front of a wall. This allows the crocus to grow faster and open a few days earlier and improves the drainage for a plant, whose heartland is in Turkey and south east Europe.

There is also a row all along the kerb by the pond in the valley.

Crocuses by the kerb near Blatchington Pond



Many thanks for that Melene, we love the cheery sight of crocuses popping up. Blatchington Pond looks particularly lovely with lots of crocus and snowdrops. In Autumn we worked with Trees for Seaford, to plant bulbs around new trees that were being planted.


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