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Earth Day – wildflower fun at Chyngton school


Earth Day

Friday 22nd April was Earth Day, a time to focus on environmental education, and all that we can do to support and nurture our beautiful planet. How fitting that this was the day a team of “On the Verge” volunteers were invited into Chyngton Primary School to run some fun wildflower sessions with the Year 2 children.

The enthusiastic volunteers joined teaching staff and pupils in the school’s delightful wildlife garden and orchard area, where planting beds were waiting to be transformed into wildflower havens.


A great time was had by volunteers and pupils alike. At the beginning of each session the children were gathered together, and the benefits of encouraging and growing wildflowers were explained. A lively Q & A discussion on why wildflowers were important ensued. Many of the children were keen to offer their suggestions and ideas as to the benefits of encouraging wildflowers into parks and gardens etc. The children were then divided into small groups, each one being tasked with a different job.


The first group prepared the beds, weeding, sowing native wildflower seeds and watering the newly sown plots. It was wonderful to see how engaged the children became with their task, relishing the challenge of identifying the unwanted bindweed, and taking great delight in pulling it out, roots and all! A very enthusiastic queue of children lined up in pairs to carry the watering cans over to the beds, and water the newly sown seeds copiously. Many of the children were clearly delighted to be outside and actively involved in creating the wildflower patches.

A second group were involved in the gloriously messy task of creating wildflower seed bombs.


A third group had a slightly cleaner, more scientific challenge. Using P.E. hoops as their frames, how many plants could they spot amongst the grasses? It was surprising how many plants could be found which weren’t grasses even when at first sight, all that could be seen was grass!  And of course, there was the inevitable element of healthy competition between the children to see who could spot the most plants!

The “On the Verge” team went home, tired but happy, after a very enthusiastic and fun-filled session. Children took home “No Mow May leaflets”.

Many thanks to Chyngton School teaching staff for making this possible. Let’s hope the children can share some of their new found knowledge and enthusiasm with their families too!


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