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Leaping Frogs in the lawn!


We asked an “on the Verge” member how their “No Mow May” went last year! The answer was surprising!

Did you leave your grass unmown last year?

Yes – I cut a pattern in our lawn, and left some areas unmown. I planted bulbs as well – snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, camassias and alliums

Was that the first time?

I tried it before in our front garden a few years ago. My neighbours kept asking why ‘my husband wasn’t cutting the grass!’. This time, I’ve chosen a more deliberate pattern so it looks like we meant it!

What plants appeared?

I didn’t get many wildflowers and I wasn’t expecting any the first year, but the long grass looked really beautiful – especially in the wind.

Did you see any creatures in your “meadow”?

Yes – the most amazing thing was the froglets – every time I went into the garden there were froglets hopping around. I’ve never seen so many before. I think they also did a brilliant job of controlling all the ants as we had lots of ants nests in the lawn at the beginning of the year, but the frogs kept them under control the ants never came into the house. Our cat also loved hiding in the grass – luckily she’s rubbish at catching things so the froglets were safe.

Thanks so much for that! We would love to hear about your meadow too, please tell us about it (you can answer the questions above, or tell the story in your own way!)



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