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Scaremows and wildlife gardens


You’ve heard of scarecrows but have you heard of scaremows? These very important creatures are coming to Seaford to scare away the lawnmowers and strimmers!

Why? Well because leaving your lawn or verge uncut can encourage a wild variety of flowers to bloom, and support a wonderful array of insects, and creatures that feed on them.

This great idea comes from Plantlife as a fun way to support their “No Mow May” campaign. You can find out more about making a scaremow here.

On the Verge and Seaford Environmental alliance are coming together to celebrate Wildlife Gardening on Sat 18th March 11- 2pm at SEA Climate Hub, Clinton Place.

Don’t miss this brilliant free event where you can meet local wildlife and environmental enthusiasts who can advise you on turning your outdoor space into a friendly place for insects, birds and small mammals. There will be plenty of activities for families too. So come and make a Scaremow, design a garden, take part in a quiz, learn about moths, find out about trees, join campaigns, pick up some plants for pollinators and sample free vegan cakes!

If you can help out on the day, or with supplies (or knitted hats!) please contact Dinah at hello@seafuture.org.

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