Connecting people and green spaces

SEA launch and “On the Verge” video


Recently SEA opened a fantastic Climate hub in Seaford, which gives a base for groups in Seaford including ours. We were delighted when a film student asked to make a short film during the Hub opening day about “On the Verge” Do watch it if you can. Many thanks to Maya Dodwell and Screen and Film School Brighton for this lovely film. Big thanks too for the people in our growing community for taking part. Their words really say it all.

Lara (Seaford Environmental Alliance)


“I’ve been involved in meadow making at the local primary school, Annecy School. We scraped off a whole bank with rakes and planted yellow rattle and native meadow plants. We also helped the younger children to plant some apple trees, so they now have an orchard, which will hopefully inspire some of them to grow their own food” Lara

Students from Annecy primary school


“We plant trees, and plant wildflowers so that we can improve the environment and see if we can make a change.. and save the world from climate change”

“If we don’t plant trees.. then there won’t be enough trees in the world to sustain all life on earth”

“If you chop down trees it’s like chopping down a living thing because trees breathe”

Quotes from Annecy students

Karen from “Friends of Sutton Downs”


“We’re a smallish town. If we can’t make a change where we live, how can we affect a change in our world? When people are more in touch with nature, then they start to care about it. If you don’t experience nature, then it’s something you’re detached from”

Karen from “Friends of Sutton Downs” group who are planning an orchard and community planting schemes at the Downs Leisure Centre

Margery from On the Verge and Trees for Seaford


“On the Verge really started in lockdown when people really started appreciate their local green spaces. We wanted to do more to try and connect these green spaces and connect people with their green spaces, and make more space for wildlife in the town. If we learn to understand something and to value it, then we want to save it”

Margery from On the Verge and Trees for Seaford

Dinah from On the Verge


“We’re also hoping to raise awareness among people, so that people are taking action, and we learn together about how we can mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Dinah from On the Verge and Seaford Environmental Alliance

You can watch the film here

Many thanks to Maya Dodwell and Screen and Film School Brighton




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