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Seaford Scene article – November 2021


“Verge” – the point beyond which something begins or occurs

It’s hard to believe that “On the Verge” only came into being in February this year. Lockdown meant that we all started to value our local neighbourhood more.

“On the Verge” is a group of community volunteers who are passionate about improving Seaford green pathways, full of creative ideas to improve our green corridors for people and wildlife.

We work in partnership with Trees for Seaford, Seaford Environmental Alliance and are part of the Seaford CARES Lottery project.

Bees on knapweed in Micklefield Park


We do it because we are concerned about the decrease in biodiversity in our green spaces, including the catastrophic decline of insects by 75% in the past 50 years, and their food plants. Insects are vital, as pollinators, as recyclers of organic matter and as part of the food chain, without which there would be no birds, bats and mammals either.

“Verge” – to move in a specified direction

What have we done? We’ve attended community events in Seaford, given out leaflets and free plants and seeds and talked to lots of residents and listened to their thoughts, ideas and concerns.

We supported the council with their plans to change their mowing regimes to create mini meadows in green spaces, and our green space ambassadors have been closely watching those green spaces for signs of increased biodiversity. We never forget that green spaces are for people too, and it may take some time and expertise to get the balance right.

“Verge” – a grass border along a road

Yarrow and Red clover in Arundel Road


A few years ago, the council reduced the cutting of verges and many residents have appreciated the longer grass and the flowers and insects that come with it. In fact, the council is now receiving more and more complaints about mowing of the flowers in the verges! Of course, some verges need to be cut short for safety reasons, but across the UK, if verges were cut less, it would be the equivalent of creating a new wildlife habitat the size of Dorset!

Wildlife verge on Edinburgh Road


We’re talking to the councils and councillors to improve biodiversity to our green spaces and pathways, and to help inform and inspire people as to why this is so important.  Do check out our webpage and blog for more details

Do let your council know if you support increased biodiversity in our town; positive comments will help our cause.

Common Blue butterfly on Bird’s-foot Trefoil in the Covers





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