BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement

6 December 2020  |  by Warm Norm

Mermaid made from plastic rubbish.BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement are the components of an environmental collective cooperative foundation formed for two separate,but totally entwined purposes…..
BHASSEXPLORE was conceived by WarmNorm in the spring of 2020 and its its official birthday is the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere….
Its twin purpose is to clear up as much of the plastic trash and synthetic materials that proliferate all along the incredible six mile stretch of beautifully rugged and untamed coastline, that exists beneath the majestic chalk cliffs between Holywell in Eastbourne and the Cuckmere Haven estuary ….
This human made garbage is the result of us all living in the madness of 20th and 21st century, over consumption and the frivolity of a throwaway society…. it belongs to all of us to some extent or another!
Without apportionating  to much blame as to how and why this shameful harvest exists almost everywhere in the natural environments and ecosystems of our planet, BHASSEXPLORE is a fully inclusive old sko0o0o0ol collective that has been formed to try to remove as much of this forty year plus build up of artificial material from the rocks and shingle beaches of this sensitive tidal marine environment …..
It is achieving this monumental task by the cooperation and pooling of time, skills, abilities and labours of good people with positive energy who give their efforts freely out of love of and concerns for the greater environment and scheme of things….. people from all walks of life who have agreed that the only way to remove the approximately 20 tonnes of accumulated dross of modern humankind’s folly is to focus on its removal and to work TOGETHER as one, to accomplish this remarkable ambition safely and efficiently despite all the barriers and issues and challenges that such an activity in a remote and dangerous location present….
To date…. early December 2020…. 7 tonnes or 70 cubic meters of pure garbage have been removed permanently from this amazing seascape by the pure determination of all those involved in whatever capacity they played their part in and WarmNorm thanks each and every one of them for that… as does the environment and all the living things within it!
The BHASSEXPLORE project has another two full years to run and plenty more to do as we aim to inspire others to take up the mantle of preventing the building up ever again of such an atrocious accumulation of decaying plastic at such an iconic and unique location….
To see how you can help with this and help make a difference please consider visiting for more information and if you can…. please donate a little or a lot to this environmental organisation…. many thanks and…. peace!
This brings me on to the #greensockmovement…. the international wing of BHASSEXPLORE!  Using this project as an inspirational showcase for people power and just what a focused group of environmentally conscious individuals can achieve the ‘international green sock‘ movement is a simple and free way for people to join us in our endeavours to remove tonnes of plastic trash from any environment and to inspire others to do the same by pulling on some green socks and making their environmental activities look FUN!!! whilst documenting their efforts and posting the pictures taken, using the #greensockmovement hashtag….. its that simple….. our gallery already includes people from all over this planet, who have already done so and we hope to continue to connect with many many more who will do the same, thus clearing thousands upon thousands of tonnes of pure crap out of the ecosystems everywhere permanently and forever! So … to that extent BHASSEXPLORE and the #greensockmovement are more than happy to supply materials and objects retrieved from the seas and oceans to any group such as the fantastic Plastic Rebellion, for any purpose including direct action that has the aim and intention of reducing the shocking amounts of plastic that are flooding into our waterways and beyond… please see the imaginative, creative and stimulating, thought provoking and challenging use of the 25litre drums that we supplied to Plastic Rebellion and also see the collaborative environmental artworks created by the non mysterious conceptual non artist ‘Nomranski ‘and both ‘Plansky’.. builder of the giant driftwood snaiil…. a defiant and indefinable act of permanent transients or transient permanence…. you decide…. and lady jewl….. creater of the stunningly ,beautiful, hideous representation of a mermaid…Oceana… lovingly entwined from ropes recovered from the seas by WarmNorm and BHASSEXPLORE volunteers…. please watch several more spaces for further developments and earth shattering events in the near future and share our output as far and wide as possible to help grow the BHASSEXPLORE art ,from trash collective and to support all others in their work to reduce this dystopian tsunami of plastic overcoming all and every nook and cranny on this world! Many thanks for reading all this…. no full stops were used or harmed in its relaying to you all and we hope you will continue to share our concerns about the future conditions of our planet… and…. peace… all the best from WarmNorm of BHASSEXPLORE and and the #greensockmovement  !!

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